Hot Cygnet Tape

by Now Wakes the Sea



Cassette tape release of Hot Cygnet Tape, issued by Manchester label, The Geography Trip. Comes with complimentary download!

Native. It is found all along the coasts of Britain, common where its preferred habitat survives. Stems are creeping and ascending, like an essay about the sunken church bell. Leaves are jointed and translucent like a half-forgotten dream. Some believe that tidal changes have caused catastrophic decline, reminding us of the submerged chambers of a flooded chapel.

Hot Cygnet Tape by Now Wakes the Sea. Distorted orchestral loops. Droning guitars and analog delay pedals. A lovely new tape released on Monday 4th June 2012 AD. Limited to 250 copies.


released June 4, 2012


all rights reserved



Now Wakes the Sea Edinburgh, UK

Now Wakes the Sea is sometimes solo, sometimes with a band, and features old guitars, broken pedals, fuzz bass, toy keyboards, distorted vocals, tape loops, and drones.

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